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Fri, 07 Dec 2007

I’ve Been Tagged!

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I’ve been tagged by my friend Eolande Elvehjem, who makes the lovely hair accessories. I’ve seen this thingy floating around on other designer’s blogs, never thought it was gonna hit me! So now it’s my turn to share.

The rules are:
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I’ve been researching my family history for over 11 years now. Some awesome finds include 8 Mayflower ancestors, tons of royalty and nobility (once you hit certain New England couples it’s gold), and I’m related to both Walt Disney & Laura Ingalls. Hey Walt, where’s the family discount! *giggle*

2. I’ve been involved with local fandom for 17 years, and run the office for a Dr. Who convention.

3. I’m definitely a cat person. Dogs are fine, but they just require too much attention. Cats don’t give a rat’s patootie if you even look at them, lol.

4. I’ve been playing guitar since I was almost 19, though mostly rhythm. Lead and solos are so far outta my league it ain’t funny! Pete Townshend is my music hero.

5. I’m not offended by a dirty joke or two. (or three or four… you get the idea)

6. I love puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, logic puzzles. Anything that gets the brain in gear. But I suck at cryptograms.

7. I watch far too much crap on television, though I try to balance it out with some quality viewing too.

8. I love the powers of the internet and all the wonderful friends it has brought into my life!

Unfortunately I don’t know anybody else with a blog to tag. But if I find out that someone does I’ll smack em with the tag stick!


Fri, 16 Nov 2007

Ohana Lifestyles Collection November Series — In The Mix Sweaterdress

Filed under: dresses, new merch, OLC — Zeph @ 07:12 pm

Only took me 2 more weeks, but here’s the other contribution to our group extravaganza! In The Mix is a shorty lil sweaterdress with matching thigh-hi stockings.


Future plans are for lil vests to mix n match over this dress, so you can have oodles of looks!

Thu, 01 Nov 2007

Ohana Lifestyles Collection November Series — Just Breathe Formal & Color Change Pumps

Filed under: dresses, footwear, new merch, OLC — Zeph @ 05:42 pm

Our lil group has been working on a project together where things are the same set of colors and they all match together. It’s called the Ohana Lifestyles Collection, and we really hope you enjoy our coordinated offerings. To that effort, I bring you the Just Breathe formal dress, and a matching pair of color-change pumps with a cute set of pearl clusters that also change color separately for ultimate variety!


Coming soon is another outfit for this project, so stay tuned!

Fri, 21 Sep 2007

All The Pretty Colors

Filed under: footwear, new merch, Ohana Isle Events — Zeph @ 09:15 pm

Cooked up a color change version of the Strappy Heels, because it’s nice to have variety and options!

SH Color Change

Also starting today is our new Island-wide Hunt, this time Pirate themed! Many goodies out there for you to find, some come and have some fun!

Thu, 20 Sep 2007

In The City

Filed under: dresses, new merch — Zeph @ 11:30 pm

Here it is finally, my first dress release. Once I got the shape done, well I kinda went crazy with the fabric samples and churned out 28 of em!

Introducing… In The City! Comes with top, glitch pants, plain skirt, belted skirt, and separate belt. EDIT: Matching pumps now added!





I do have lots more stuff planned for the future, the problem is finding time to get them done! But keep your eyes peeled…

Thu, 23 Aug 2007

These boots are made…

Filed under: footwear, new merch, Ohana Isle Events — Zeph @ 06:52 pm

… for well, whatever you want! You choose once ya put em on, lol!

Belted Velvet Boots are here, in 14 colors.

BVB Brick BVB Burnished Gold BVB Cinnamon BVB Crimson BVB Deep Aqua BVB Emerald BVB Gold

BVB Ice Blue BVB Lavender BVB Midnight BVB Placid BVB Plum BVB Pumpkin BVB Tangerine

We still have our hunt going for a few more days, c’mon down and go coconut crazy!

Fri, 17 Aug 2007

Island Bikinis hit the shores!

Filed under: new merch, Ohana Isle Events, swimwear — Zeph @ 01:35 pm

So I wanted another item to provide in our sim-wide Coconut Hunt (Aug 18-26), and since the theme is tiki/island/tropical I thought… Why not a bikini set? Then I got carried away and added a hat and pair of slides to match! (Once you get on a roll it’s kinda hard to stop, lol) I ended up with 10 patterns, and could add 8 more if I wanted to. (Is that too much of one thing?)

You get the bikini itself on undies and shirt/pants layers (Didn’t want anyone to have to sacrifice their tattoos!), slides and hat.

Blossoms California Dreaming Fuchsia Maile Green Ferns Green Leaves

Lotus Orange Ferns Surfer Girl Surf Shack Tropical Paradise

The final pic, Tropical Paradise, is the version I sent to the Hunt. It will go up on the wall after the event is over for anyone who missed it, but you’ll have to buy it at that point. (See, it’s good to have the scoop on the free giveaway events… I know that I appreciate knowing about’ em!) I may put it in my chair too, we’ll see about that.

So go get yer coconuts! 49, might take ya a while… And Tea was a most evil hider, some of em are VERY tricky!

Wed, 01 Aug 2007

gridlife has begun…

Filed under: footwear, gridlife biz, new merch — Zeph @ 12:16 pm

… and about time, too! It’s taken me just over a year to get a shop together, but here I am finally. I hope to bring lots of cool stuff to all the Residents out there. It just might take me a while ’cause I don’t exactly work at breakneck speed, lol! Our group finally has its own island thanks to our favorite fairy, and I’m so pleased to have a chunk of land to sell my items from.

So to start with I have 2 items, the Strappy Heels, and the Petit Fleur Slides. Below are images of all varieties.

SH Gold Black Leather SH Gold SH Gold Silver SH Silver Black Leather SH Silver Gold SH Silver SH Black Leather SH Black Leather Gold SH Black Leather Silver

PFS Dark Rose PFS Fire PFS Green Leafy PFS Ice PFS Limeade PFS Pacific PFS Rose PFS Sky PFS Sunset

Hope you enjoy your shopping experience, check back to see when I’ve got new things. I put in a Wonder Chair with 2 each from both designs, so stop by for a goodie, too!

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